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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Apartments in South Bangalore

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Apartments in South Bangalore

As a residential locality, Sarjapur is on the cusp of change. You can also be a part of this beautiful phase by investing in a flat if your work address is around this locality.

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Buying a house has an emotional connect to employees working in and around Sarjapur Road. Acquiring the right property is based primarily on finances and desire to have a better living index. It seeks secure living neighborhoods, safety, and accessibility to many other things of interest not just the workplace.

Sarjapur road was a small area in Southeast Bangalore, with low real estate rates a few decades ago. But with the advent of IT companies and assorted traditional business around its vicinity it has flourished and become an established home base, for the working class. Due to this, there has been an increasing demand for fats in Sarjapur Road. It has become the main reason for local developers to buy land parcels to make residential enclaves that cater to many segments of the working class.

Job opportunities to utilities and safety- investment spectrum is huge

Sarjapur brings a wholesome quality for any investor today. Check out this two tier bullet list before we go any further to convince you to buy a flat for sale in Sarjapur Road-Property appreciation and location highlights.

Property appreciation

1). Buyers have multiple options of 2BHKs to 3BHKs and luxury homes. This in itself is a strong driver for many people paying token advance to book the flat of their choice.

2). As and when urban dwelling started conforming to latest international lifestyle, apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road have increased.

3). Builders can no longer delay the possession. For example, if the website of the builder says, the possesion is by April 2019 then the target will be met.

4). Advance bookings allow buyers to arrange for home loans with the right banks. Several prominent projects are linked to lenders.

5). The burden of due diligence falls on the lenders and buyers can be at ease.

Location Highlights

6). If your work is related to IT sector this area is barely 45 minutes drive from big employment firms like Accenture, Capgemini, Cisco, HP, and Wipro. There are job opportunities related to other traditional businesses in malls, entertainment zones and eateries. Even MNCs like Paypal, ARM, KPMG, Nokia have regional offices at a close distance from the residential areas.

7). It makes sense to live close by so you arrive fresh at work. Thus, apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road have the benefit of being a boon to the working crowd. Even if you do not work in the IT sector but in the Malls or have a local business, close proximity to workplace is essential. With more productivity during working hours, mind is at ease.

8) Commuting time has eaten up prodcutive hours of work in many businesses. As traffic rises in the city, everyone is lookig for ways to spend less time on the road and more at work. Imagine the delight of the person, if a pizza delivery boy is able to ring the door bell of a home/office in time. Sarjapur is no longer a quaint village, but an urban legend that is morphing into a well-developed city borough.

9). Roads link important areas like Koramagala, Silk board, and Whitefield, Electronic City, and Outer Ring Road. This makes traveling even during work hours easy. During peak evening traffic hours one can avoid the nightmare of being stuck. Bangalore is now the 3rd most populated city in our country and continues to attract many immigrants to work as job prospects have grown tremendously.

10) Education for kids -Parents can choose from schools like The International School Bangalore (TISB), Chrysalis High, Inventure Academy, Orchid International, Greenwood High, Silver Oaks, Primus Public School, Harvest International School, Gear Innovative International School, Delhi Public School, Head Start Educational Academy. The most popular and in demand schools have established themselves in Sarjapur Road.

On the outskirts but yet accessible
Well connected to transport hubs.

Although Sarjpaur is away from the main town major rail and airport destinations are accessible. It is 15kms away from the Bangalore city railway station and 45kms away from the Bangalore international airport. The Peripheral Ring Road connects the key roads of Bellary Road, Old Madras Road, Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road with Tumkur Road along with connectivity through the NICE Corridor.

Shopping and entertainment conveniences

A slew of entertainment hubs make Sarjapur a much sought after investment destination.

Life for the residents here is convenient because of the various shopping malls like total Mall, Forum Value Mall, Phoenix Market City, Park Square Mall, Inorbit Mall and Lido Mall, movie theater for the Bollywood lovers, gaming parlors, hospitals, grocery stores etc. A well-developed infrastructure is the top reason to invest in a home on Sarjapur Road.

Tips to rent out your new home with security in Bangalore

Tips to rent out your new home with security in Bangalore

Sarjapur Road is fast becoming a well-known residential area with close proximity to Electronic City and the IT hubs. It comes as no surprise then that the good infrastructure development is attracting people to make investments in property for rental purposes. We offer some common sense tips for rental property keeping security in mind.

2 BHK Apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road

The chosen tenants should have steady job in the vicinity

Leasing out a luxury property requires a lot of diligence. The chosen tenants should be equally interested in keeping the property safe.

The rentals of real estate property is on the rise in Southeast Bangalore. If you have worked hard to get a property with a view to lease it and make a monthly income then security and safety matters.

Right now, there are luxurious upcoming apartments in Sarjapur Road that are being purchased with rental income in mind.

Whether you have made a choice to invest for rental or reside here ensure that tenants you choose should be decent and have a steady job around so that they can pay every month on time. Professionals are particularly keen on renting homes here as the locality is strategically placed near industrial hub and Whitefield.

Home investors feel that they are likely to get good returns on their investment with the growing demand for rentals from the white collar population. They can also afford to pay the rents and are decent folks who will take care of the place.

Renting out a new apartment is never as easy as ABC

If you have become a proud owner of one of the ready to move in flats in Sarjapur Road and are now looking to generate some passive income then discuss the security and safety points with the tenants.

If you have furnished the property then it is all the more necessary to discuss everything with the tenants. Apart from the building security they should always lock the home properly when they go to work. It is also a good idea to keep communication channels open once the keys are given to the lease.

Even if you live far away, it is useful to know their contact numbers and call once in a while. If the tenant has job that makes him travel then ensure that the home is locked for those days. Responsible tenants are a boon for your property.

Address non-payment and utility billing issues

If you are renting out to student then ensure they pay deposits on time.

The rental market in Sarjapur Road has good prospects because of students from the nearby engineering college or working couples seeking a modern lifestyle flock here. There are prospective tenants of different nature.

A number of issues can creep in like delay in payment of rent or non-payment of maintenance fee or electricity bill, misuse of premises leading to breakages. A police verification of the tenant is now an essential process.

Verification forms along with ID proof of the tenant must be submitted at the local police station. Not getting a police verification is a punishable

Not getting a police verification is a punishable offense under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. Your rental income also should come on time otherwise the purpose of renting is defeated.

Being a landlord is not easy

Investing in rental real estate can be profitable only if, you, as a landlord have acquainted yourself with all the nitty-gritty of the kinds of rental situations you could have to face.

Since you wish to have an income from your investment the rent you decide on must be competitive but at the same time realistic. The rent of your property will be dependent on whether you have bought a luxury apartment or one of the 1 and  2 BHK apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road.

Once you have decided on the rent the next step is to draw up rental agreement, which must contain details about the terms of the lease, monthly rental amount, security deposit as well as terms and conditions for paying water, electricity and maintenance charges. The lease agreement needs to be registered as it can have legal standing only on registration.

Another important aspect that you must not overlook is to get your property fully insured for maximum liability coverage. Only when the property insured should you get it listed on the market for rent either with a local property agent or a well-known property portal.

Does this information make you feel more secure in renting out the property? As an additional tip, ensure these few more things:

  • Windows and doors should have secure locks.
  • Regular maintenance in monsoons and otherwise is recommended.
  • Security system inside is upgraded.
  • A watchman or any other person keeps you updated for any untoward incident.