Not Just Any Apartment; You Deserve it Fully Decked Up

Not Just Any Apartment; You Deserve it Fully Decked Up

The cityscape of Bangalore is currently peppered with high-end housing projects. The IT boom that brought millions into the city offered the professionals a major lifestyle upgrade. The real estate industry sprang up from the passing thrust of that employment spur that started around 2006 and is still on the roll.

The city presently hosts a phenomenally huge mass of residents. Many of them own a property or more. If you find yourself surfing through the listings of properties in Bangalore, then adjust your focus to apartments.

The topmost projects in the city offer a quality of living that hardly has a match. If a larger-than-life living is what you expect out of your investment, then look to buy properties that offer a host of advanced features.

Let’s take a look at what amenities you can expect from a top-notch apartment in Bangalore.
Health Club

Immersed in dormant lifestyles and stationary job roles, an active lifestyle in the after hours is a necessity

A health club is one of the key features of a top-class apartment. In a city like Bangalore where most of the residents are employed in desk jobs, keeping an active lifestyle in the after-hours is a necessity. So, having a health club in the apartment encourages that. The health club is more than a lounge area where you can hang out and get to know your neighbors better and share health tips. It’s a full arena that includes a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a yoga, and meditation corner, an aerobics hall and such. Most apartments have three out of four of the amenities mentioned, which is good too even if you don’t get all of them ticked.

Sports Arena

Indoor and outdoor facilities get equal prominence; great if you have an instructor around
For a sports arena, the more the merrier. The best residential projects in Bangalore reserve a large stretch of land inside the campus to dedicate to sports courts. Basketball courts, cricket pitches, skating tracks, etc., are usually a part of the arena. Oftentimes, the sports arena is divided into two parts, indoor and outdoor. In the indoor section, they have props for table tennis, badminton, and other such sports. The sports arena should support the practice of multiple kinds of sports so that everybody gets a chance at playing and practicing their own sports. You may not have a training instructor at hand, but it’s a great way to keep the practice up.

A Spa Salon
Rejuvenate, freshen up; your body deserves it

The best apartments have spa salons adjacent to their gymnasiums. After an hour of extensive exercise, a 10 minutes sauna bath proves to be extremely relaxing. There are some apartments that have a spa salon too in addition to a steam room and sauna space, where residents can walk in and get a spa therapy instantly. Because the salons are exclusively for the residents, they often do not require taking appointments weeks ahead of the day. Pretty much any day and any time of the week is good for a walk in. These places are staffed by experienced masseuses who are trained to render the service at its best.

An Amphitheatre

Away from your home town, you really need that community bonding

An amphitheater, open or close, is a great place to conduct a show within a community. It’s a pretty large gallery that offers seating for a large number of people and a stand at the center where bands, actors, elocution artists and others can perform. These amphitheaters are a great way to bring the community together in something recreational on special events.


A breath of fresh air, a soothing shade of green, a little bird song and some gentle fragrance
A garden is another key feature of an apartment campus in Bangalore. In most big projects, there are several of these scattered around the grounds between buildings. These gardens can be a stretch of open space, or something that is aggrandized to look like a park or just a small resting bay by the water for the walkers. In some apartments, these small pockets of greens are designed to serve as meditation nooks.

Children’s Play Area

Kids need to work out and build their endurance; they need to bond with peers of various cultures

Most high-end condominiums have children’s play areas for the kids of the residing families. These parks are propped with all sorts of sports equipment like merry-go-rounds, see-saws, slides, swings, monkey bars, still rings and such. Children find these parks a great entertainment spot to hang out with their friends.

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