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how can you make use of your provident fund to purchase an apartment

how can you make use of your provident fund to purchase an apartment

Majority of the working population has PF accounts but, were you ever aware of what wonders you can do with it? You can withdraw from this fund for purposes like buying your very own house!

Purchase a house or plot and construct it with your PF

Under the Provident Fund Scheme, you or, any employee is given the liberty to withdraw money from his PF account post completing 5 years, in order to purchase a plot/ for the construction of your house.

Don’t worry about whose name the property is in- be it you or, your spouse, it’s fine. The loan amount is based upon the purpose of taking the loan. In order to purchase a plot, your loan shall be restricted to only 24 months of your basic pay and DA or, Dearness Allowance, subject to a maximum of the lower of either the balance in your provident fund account or the cost of the plot.

In case you wish to avail of the loan in order to purchase an apartment, the availability shall be enhanced to 36 months of basic pay and DA with the maximum again subject to lower of balance in the provident fund account or cost of the house. However, if this is the path you choose to opt for the loan, you cannot purchase the property jointly other than with your spouse for withdrawing your PF.

Another criteria, if you’re planning on withdrawing your PF, ensure that your construction begins with 6 months and end by the end of 12 months of withdrawal. You can also withdraw your PF in installments as per the requirements.

If you’re buying an apartment which is ready to move in, the purchase needs to be completed within 6 months.

Ways to improve your house owned by your spouse/ you

You can also withdraw your provident fund amount if you wish to improve or add things onto your house which is owned by you and your spouse or, only you.

The withdrawal shall be availed only 5 years post completion of your house. It’s not a necessity that the house for which you’re withdrawing your PF for purchase has to be the one during improvement as well. In fact, you can withdraw to improve your house irrespective of how you paid for it! However, the amount eligible to withdraw is still restricted to 12 months of your basic salary and DA, subject to lower of the balance relatable to the employee’s share of interest in your account or the cost of such improvement.

Want to withdraw again? Wait for another 10 years past the 1st withdrawal to withdraw again!

Thinking to

Advances for repayment of your housing loan

  • The PF scheme allows you to withdraw your PF for repayment of the outstanding balance in a home loan taken by you or your husband/ wife for all the purposes mentioned above.
  • 36 months of basic pay is the maximum it can get with regard to withdrawal of your PF.
  • The loans can be availed by members of your family or, your spouse from specified entities like state government registered co-operative societies etc. for the purchase of your house.



how you can own multiple homes with tax benefits!

how you can own multiple homes with tax benefits!

You must’ve always thought that it’s probably going to be a pain if you own multiple houses- the taxes, the amount of investment done, etc. So so hectic. But, guess what? It’s got its perks as well- enjoy tax benefits on the interest you pay on the loan for multiple houses!

Please correct yourself with regard to the tax issues when it comes to owning multiple, can you? You can own more than 1 house, however, you definitely cannot take more than 1 home loan each time. We live in a democratic country- we’re all free to own multiple properties, houses, etc. Also, you can claim tax benefits too! However, please keep in mind your income, savings etc.- depending upon your salary only will your loan be approved!

Tax benefits on the payment of interest

You are allowed to claim a deduction for interest payable on your loan, which has been taken for construction, purchase, renovation etc. of any of your properties under Section 24b. Just in case, you still want to enjoy this park, but, won’t be able to enjoy at your fullest, there can be a maximum deduction of 2 lakh only PA.

However, just in case, you have borrowed the amount post-April 1, 1999, and the construction has still not gotten over, the claim shall be restricted to only Rs. 30,000.

In certain cases, you may also have let out one of your properties owned by you- you have the liberty to claim deduction for the entire interest paid, without any upper ceiling against the rent received with respect to your property. In cases like this, you own 1+ properties and more than a single house is occupied by you – pick out one of your properties as self- occupied and the rest are taken into consideration as notional rental income, based upon the rent that is fetched from the property must be offered for taxation. Post this, you can claim your tax benefits for full interest paid, for the money borrowed with regard to this property is treated as let- out!

Check Out Champions Square  - Apartments in Sarjapur Road 

This perk is available for any commercial as well as residential properties which are/ is owned by you. Even if, you’ve borrowed money from the bank or, a housing company or, from friends as relatives, it’s still applicable for you!

If you pay any interest rates during the construction period, you can claim for 5 equal installments, beginning from the year of the construction beginning till the completion of it.

Tax benefits on repayment of the principal

As per Section 80C, you’re allowed to claim upto 1.5 Lakh only for the repayment of your housing loan which has been loaned out from specific institutions, inclusive of stamp duty of housing loan, cost of registration etc. The overall amount of deduction consists of items like PF contribution, tuition fees, ELSS etc.

This claim is valid only when you possess the property. If you’ve successfully started repaying the principal amount, this exemption is open for you. If you’re taking loans from friends, family, etc., you ain’t eligible for this tax benefit.

Effect of GST on Real Estate Buyers and the Industry

Effect of GST on Real Estate Buyers and the Industry

GST or, Goods and Service Tax bill had been approved in the Lok Sabha in the month of March 2017 with 4 supplementary Legislations- The Central GST Bill, The Integrated GST Bill, The GST (Compensation to States) Bill, and The Union Territory GST Bill.

Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India, made a very relevant statement, “Today, you have a tax on tax, you have cascading effect. When all of that is removed, goods will become slightly cheaper,”

What’s the intent behind GST anyway?

In simple words, it’s for the uniformity in the market. GST is supposed to boost GDP by about 2% and check tax sales evasion.

What’s your take on GST- does it leave a positive impact on us?

Well, to be honest, as tax payers, this is a huge profit for you! Instead of paying multiple taxes like VAT, octroi etc., you’re paying all of it in one, reducing the overall cost. However, as customers, you’re paying the amount which is not-so-positive.

Impact of GST on the real estate industry

This is one of the most complex industries and guess what, the GST is at the rate of 12% with ITC. According to reports, VAT for a few states like Karnataka has changed from 10-11 to 12%, all thanks to the new regime.

Abhishek Anand, the Assistant Vice President of Equity Research says, “In the GST regime, the transaction cost increases to 12%, with input credit available on both, services and material. Property transaction costs will increase by 6%, in case no input credit is passed on by developers. If developers pass on the input credit to buyers, the property price increase could be restricted to 1-2%.”

Nevertheless, the stamp duty shall continue to be applicable, irrespective of the condition of the property- under-construction or constructed, in the pre-GST and post-GST regime.

Will GST help you, the buyers?

Studies say that the impact of GST on property prices shall be difficult to gauge because this idea is so unclear to all. It’s like, learning from abstract to concrete and shall take not just time but, a lot of experimentation and experiences to understand and analyze the results of GST in India.

Keep a few points in mind:

Affordable homes may become furthermore cheaper under the GST regime because GST exemption can be exempted when it comes to affordable housing!

When it comes to luxury houses, GST is limited to 12% only!

With regard ti construction materials, GST shall vary from 18-28% per slab.

What about GST on Ready- Made Properties?

Here’s a fact for you- whether you opt for an under- construction property or, a ready to move- in one, the developer shall definitely hike the prices in a proportion such that, the gap is bridged. Guess what, the burden of paying taxes with regard to ready-to-move-in apartments is saved. How? Well, you have to pay tax for so many things like the cement, steel, etc. with such high taxes on each. Whereas, when it comes to ready- made houses, it’s as less as 12% only!

Live healthy, live beautiful and be care- free about the idea of GST!

Why should Sarjapur road be your top choice to buy apartment!

Why should Sarjapur road be your top choice to buy apartment!

Until the 21st century emerged, Sarjapur road was a tiny village which was located on the outskirts of the today IT hub of India, Bangalore. Back then the population of Sarjapur road was just 150 people and now, it’s got people in thousands or, maybe more!

Sarjapur is now the property- market area with 1/2/3 BHK apartments going off on the roll!

Living in Sarjapur road:

  • Sarjapur road is recognized as one of the most affordable cities in Bangalore and Bangalore’s fastest developing area as well!
  • Multiple builders have built complexes, top- notch apartments in this area to cater to the IT companies here like Wipro, Intel etc.
  • Fairly easy to find an apartment for sale in Sarjapur road as it’s still developing and not many people know about its fast development.
  • The new hub of real estate investment because of the kinds of complexes designed here- luxury, top- notch with multiple amenities in and around the area.
  • Comfortable living spaces, low crime rates, 24*7 water, and electricity supply!


  • Bangalore has not forgotten your health- check out the multiple hospitals available in Sarjapur road!
  • Enjoy prime healthcare facilities in hospitals like Motherhood Hospital, Doctor Levine Memorial Hospital and so on.
  • Multi- specialty hospitals like Apollo, St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Punarjani Ayurveda Multi- Specialty Hospital etc.


  • Kids have to grow in good environments- send them to the best of schools in this area without worrying about issues like transportation, dust on the way and so on.
  • For the tiny ones, check out Little Champs Preschool & Daycare, Bachpan, Vidyarambh International Preschool & Childcare Centers and so many more!
  • Older children can go for Harvest International School, GEAR Innovative International School- the best of all!
  • Also, a study in awesome colleges like ALT Training College, Bangalore Technological Institute, St. John’s Medical College and so much more!

Things to do:

You think that Sarjapur is the boring area with no life? Well, you’re wrong- it’s got dining areas, nightlife, theaters- everything you’ve always wanted to check out!

Visit places like Kickshack, Timepass Dinner, T- Square etc. and have wonderful times with your families, friends, everyone!

You can also visit places from Sarjapur road as it’s closer to home, to Sarjapur road- visit Nandi hills, Kanakpura, Mandya, Yelagiri, Mysore, etc.- all are worth your time and a must- check out!

Ease of Access: All thanks to Sarjapur’s location, it’s extremely convenient to reach out to not just areas like Koramangala but, locations like the Kempegowda International Airport, Byappanahalli and so on which are just an hour or so away!

Live in the all-in-one area- live in Sarjapur road!

5 ways to style-up your apartment this year!

5 ways to style-up your apartment this year!

Here’s the thing- from the past 10 years or, over a decade, Bangalore has been on the rise- it’s shooting up, leading to misbalance in the control of traffic all around the city. It’s okay to have vehicles running on the roads all throughout the day and night but, it’s just so frustrating and sweaty!

However, Sarjapur road is one of those areas in Bangalore which has been one of the most demanding areas in Bangalore- both, on the commercial and residential levels. Best part- nobody really cares about the traffic issues in and around this area while making purchases of apartments for sale in Sarjapur road.

These skyrocketing costs in Sarjapur road are due to multiple- reasons, know why:

1. MNCs and IT hubs– Did you know, there are so many IT companies situated in Sarjapur road- be it Wipro, Intel or, any other company, Sarjapur has it all! Hate traveling? So, shift to one of the 1/2/3 BHK apartments for sale in Sarjapur road to escape the pain of traveling and reaching office on time in spite of leaving just 5 minutes prior to your login time.

2. Sufficient infrastructure– There are several numbers of properties in and around Sarjapur road which are full of residents, employees, etc. Expand your company, come etc. right here, in Sarjapur road. Reason being, this area is the right destination for working- class bachelors work here and establish here with utmost comfort!

3. Transport hub– All modes of transportation are available to reach Sarjapur road very smoothly- be it Airport buses or, cabs or, any other mode, it’s all open here. Multiple buses come to this area at multiple points each day, taking back people to multiple areas- that’s the dynamism of this area!

4. Social infrastructure– The social infrastructure is great here with a number of tourist spots, public attractions nearby like malls, restaurants, pubs, parks etc.

5. Availability of Land– One wonderful thing about this area is its availability of land. It’s not that it’s unlimited but, it’s a great area to settle down in as it’s just 22 minutes away from areas like Koramangala, has so much around it and so on. The property here is sold like hot cakes which is definitely worth it!

Other than these wonderful reasons, other reasons behind switching to Sarjapur road is that the rest of the city’s property rates have shot up and it’s over- crowded 24*7 there. More importantly, this area is meant not just for business but, residence too- therefore, all in one!

Not Just Any Apartment; You Deserve it Fully Decked Up

Not Just Any Apartment; You Deserve it Fully Decked Up

The cityscape of Bangalore is currently peppered with high-end housing projects. The IT boom that brought millions into the city offered the professionals a major lifestyle upgrade. The real estate industry sprang up from the passing thrust of that employment spur that started around 2006 and is still on the roll.

The city presently hosts a phenomenally huge mass of residents. Many of them own a property or more. If you find yourself surfing through the listings of properties in Bangalore, then adjust your focus to apartments.

The topmost projects in the city offer a quality of living that hardly has a match. If a larger-than-life living is what you expect out of your investment, then look to buy properties that offer a host of advanced features.

Let’s take a look at what amenities you can expect from a top-notch apartment in Bangalore.
Health Club

Immersed in dormant lifestyles and stationary job roles, an active lifestyle in the after hours is a necessity

A health club is one of the key features of a top-class apartment. In a city like Bangalore where most of the residents are employed in desk jobs, keeping an active lifestyle in the after-hours is a necessity. So, having a health club in the apartment encourages that. The health club is more than a lounge area where you can hang out and get to know your neighbors better and share health tips. It’s a full arena that includes a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a yoga, and meditation corner, an aerobics hall and such. Most apartments have three out of four of the amenities mentioned, which is good too even if you don’t get all of them ticked.

Sports Arena

Indoor and outdoor facilities get equal prominence; great if you have an instructor around
For a sports arena, the more the merrier. The best residential projects in Bangalore reserve a large stretch of land inside the campus to dedicate to sports courts. Basketball courts, cricket pitches, skating tracks, etc., are usually a part of the arena. Oftentimes, the sports arena is divided into two parts, indoor and outdoor. In the indoor section, they have props for table tennis, badminton, and other such sports. The sports arena should support the practice of multiple kinds of sports so that everybody gets a chance at playing and practicing their own sports. You may not have a training instructor at hand, but it’s a great way to keep the practice up.

A Spa Salon
Rejuvenate, freshen up; your body deserves it

The best apartments have spa salons adjacent to their gymnasiums. After an hour of extensive exercise, a 10 minutes sauna bath proves to be extremely relaxing. There are some apartments that have a spa salon too in addition to a steam room and sauna space, where residents can walk in and get a spa therapy instantly. Because the salons are exclusively for the residents, they often do not require taking appointments weeks ahead of the day. Pretty much any day and any time of the week is good for a walk in. These places are staffed by experienced masseuses who are trained to render the service at its best.

An Amphitheatre

Away from your home town, you really need that community bonding

An amphitheater, open or close, is a great place to conduct a show within a community. It’s a pretty large gallery that offers seating for a large number of people and a stand at the center where bands, actors, elocution artists and others can perform. These amphitheaters are a great way to bring the community together in something recreational on special events.


A breath of fresh air, a soothing shade of green, a little bird song and some gentle fragrance
A garden is another key feature of an apartment campus in Bangalore. In most big projects, there are several of these scattered around the grounds between buildings. These gardens can be a stretch of open space, or something that is aggrandized to look like a park or just a small resting bay by the water for the walkers. In some apartments, these small pockets of greens are designed to serve as meditation nooks.

Children’s Play Area

Kids need to work out and build their endurance; they need to bond with peers of various cultures

Most high-end condominiums have children’s play areas for the kids of the residing families. These parks are propped with all sorts of sports equipment like merry-go-rounds, see-saws, slides, swings, monkey bars, still rings and such. Children find these parks a great entertainment spot to hang out with their friends.

What Makes Apartments Better for Investment than Homes?

What Makes Apartments Better for Investment than Homes?

The greatest opportunities to grow wealth in today’s time are yielded by the real estate industry. In Bangalore, at the wake of revolutionary development in the real estate market, things are looking up for investors. In the given situation, the best way to pitch in your money is multi-family housing units, something that Bangalore is suffused with.

Investors who have been pro players in this business recommend apartments over houses. Those who have held multiple properties in Bangalore over the past 10 years opine that apartments make better investments than homes at this point. A home, they say, is more of a liability than an asset. Alternately, an apartment is an asset that exhibits a better growth curve in the city of Bangalore.

Three Key Reasons to Invest in Apartments

Millennials earn, aspire, and spend for style

The first indicant that speaks in favor of multi-family apartments as a rewarding investment now and in the future is the IT boom in the city. Bangalore is officially the IT headquarters of India. Hundreds of thousands of professionals make a living in this Silicon Valley of India. The millennials who are associated with the industry are earning enough to afford a fair standard of living in Bangalore. That way of living includes a nice place to call home, an independent medium of communication, good schooling for children, vacations and weekly entertainment, and such. Thus, buying a high end condominium is a life style for the IT professionals in Bangalore.

Fully loaded homes, all amenities are pre-packed

The second point that says buying an apartment is a wise investment decision that will keep sending profits your way a long time is the fact that most millennials are more interested in apartments than homes. Today’s apartments come with a complete package of amenities most of which are a matter of personal choice in homes. With an apartment, everything comes ready and served in a platter. Buyers happen to like that and that’s why they choose apartments over homes.

Land is costly; apartments are less expensive

With the city rapidly running out of its stock of raw lands, it’s becoming increasingly expensive for developers to build individual homes. Apartments cost them less, considering how many families it can accommodate at a time. That makes apartments a less expensive choice for buyers too. Inversely, when it comes to selling them off when the price touches the apex, these apartments fetch amounts twice their purchase price.

Roadblocks along the Way

The first roadblock on the way of getting an apartment is the hefty down payment. Once you get past that part, procuring a loan becomes pretty easy. Loans for apartments are easier to get than loans for homes, offices and other real estate properties. Alternately, if you have a stash of cash with you, then go ahead and pony up whatever you can to clear up the first part of the payment. The deficit you can either fix with a loan or from your income.

Finding the right investment property is another challenge faced by seekers. It’s not easy to spot the best property your money can buy. Some buildings are generous with amenities but are unimpressive in their locations. Then there are apartments in plush locations with scanty amenities. There are only a few that strike the middle chord. In apartment buying, location is the peak of the pyramid. A good location is marked by proximity to important places in the city, connectivity with the rest of Bangalore, minimal crime rate, decent neighbors and such.

Some Handy Tips

If possible, prefer an apartment on the higher levels.

Always, always choose to buy apartments from reputable builders who have a name for fine properties, timely completion and honest dealings.

Even if you live outside India, make sure to personally visit the site before you decide to buy.

If you are new in the business, do not hesitate to shop around. If possible, be accompanied by a realtor who can advise you on the properties.

Surf along the online listings. it is age-old, and quite a comprehensive approach to finding properties. Do not underestimate the power of the property portals.

Supply & Demand of Luxury Residences in Sarjapur Road are Dictated by Start-up Generation

Supply & Demand of Luxury Residences in Sarjapur Road are Dictated by Start-up Generation

Many developers have adopted marketing tools to balance the supply and demand of new apartments in Southeast, Bangalore for the start-up generation. Should you wish to live in a luxury bubble, look for significant developments in the segment of 3 BHK apartments in Sarjapur Road.

Premium apartments are in demand

People with high net worth have increased. These are the budding entrepreneurs who have led the homebuyer bandwagon for premium apartments in the city.

The new generation needs private space and are ready to shell out the dough for it. Unlike their parents who managed in the space crunch, they have moved on from their nest to bigger places. As the need for privacy grows, so does the demand for the appropriate spaces.

Bangalore has embraced start-ups that come from different parts of India. Even the local youngsters have set their eyes on better living quarters. As the young population increase in the city, they have set demands for the type of apartments they want. They give premium to the privacy and that accounts for several developers heeding to this request while building apartments. No wonder, when they announce the projects they use marketing tools that target this generation of buyers.

Why go the extra mile to woo buyers?

Understanding the psyche of the new age home owner is a must. Developers need to adopt new strategies to balance the new demand and supply of residential properties.

Recently, when a luxury residential project was launched in the Pink City, Jaipur, the developer invited 3,510 Hindu priests to perform the puja and get divine blessings for the buyers. This was the very number of apartments of the residential enclave to be sold-i.e. one priest per apartment.

Bangalore, being a city of God loving citizens also seeks divine blessings. Such new beginnings are quite good to make buyers aware of projects before buying apartments in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore or in any other part of the city.

Even a luxury abode requires divine blessings. When a builder launches luxury projects offering freebies to the buyer, the demand for new homes rises. In Bangalore itself a dance fiesta was created by a leading developer to get buyers to take interest in their properties. Getting the genuine buyer on-site is being seen as an important exercise to make the supply of inventory more quickly.

Beyond the Bhoomi Puja
Lies the actual need of luxury

After the developer has created hype around a project, it is time to focus on the nitty-gritty that buyers look for. Not every buyer may need the swimming pool but the gym and garden are essential to get any buyer hooked. The apartment interiors matter to the budding buyer.

The new generation of homeowners like to have pads that let them get personal spaces- Perhaps a cool balcony from where they can look up at the sky and dream or look below the horizon line to get a glimpse of reality.

Being a generation aware of their needs, they know which building materials will cut the glass ceiling for them. Their demands are met by the builders who try to get architects, engineers, and interior experts to match the luxury quotient for premium apartments.

New apartment, new lifestyle
The latest mantra is to sell inventory that introduces a novelty to the residents.

Just having an event to launch and attract the buyer will not get bookings. It is done with further introduction to the new lifestyle that a residential enclave promises. Developers who promise lavish lifestyles are realistic in their offerings as the RERA rope tightens around them.

A luxury project cannot be sold like an affordable housing scheme. It has to be innovative and designed to meet the sensibilities of the prospective buyer. Today’s prospective buyer knows what goes in the international market and demands the same in the city they live.

Lifestyle product and not property is sold to the buyer
Buyers are often invited keeping in line with the limited signature homes.

Special invites are sent out to potential HNW clients to check out the projects offered by a builder. The idea is to sell a concept of living and not just a property. This is crucial to get interest of the right buyer profile.

A luxury home developer will think of ways to present the project in a new light. The buyer profile is typical, which is exposed to global living and parameters for luxury living. Many start-up owners who have worked abroad and lived for a considerable period know what they are looking for in a premium apartment they wish to invest in.

GST’s Impact on Real Estate—Is it a Boon or a Bane?

GST’s Impact on Real Estate—Is it a Boon or a Bane?

There is enough furore already that the roll out of GST has created in almost every sector in the country. Home buyers and property developers are also affected, but most of them are yet to know how. Let us try joining the dots one by one.

The Good and Services Tax roll on July 1st 2017 was historic to say the least. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “One Nation, One Market, One Tax” finally saw the day of light. Needless to say ever since the news of GST broke out, it created anticipations like no other. Almost every industry and people from every walk of life are sure to be affected by the new tax reform.

Coming to the real estate sector in the country, the confusions don’t seem to end even few days after the official roll out. To set the record straight, irrespective of whether you are a home buyer, property seller, broker, investor, financier or property developer, you are bound to be impacted.

The confusion predominantly looms around whether buyers will have to shell out more to own a house and whether developers will now be forced to spend more to buy materials. Let us zero in more to get the much needed clarity.

GST impacts on property prices and the industry as a whole

Facts and figures that matter the most

  • Developers save on construction costs: With just 2% increase for cement but 5% reduction for limestone, lignite, coal, etc developers can save good money on construction costs.
  • Manufacturers can lower the prices: Manufacturing industry gets relieved and are now expected to lower the prices of their products, which in turn will further lower the property prices.
  • Double taxation or may be not: Under construction flats will be taxed at 12% with 6% of land tax being separate. The new projects, on the other hand, will go with 18% tax.
  • Cash component goes out: Demonetisation, RERA and now GST put together make the labour sector an organised one. This makes the real estate industry running well with major cash components.

How does it turn out for the home buyers?

On the whole it is a definite win for the buyers who get simplicity and some price deduction as part of the GST rollout.

Things become simpler for the home buyers. The earlier tax structure was complex with conditions related to the construction status and the state the project was located in. To make it worse home buyers were obligated to pay stamp duty, service tax, registration charges and VAT even for under construction homes. What complicated the matter further was VAT, stamp duty and registration charges varied from one state to another. Service tax was a central charge and was applied on construction. All these put together made the whole calculation a confusing and tedious one.

The developers get input credits for under construction projects and a part of the benefit can be transferred to the home buyer. So, GST makes things simpler and more economical for an average home buyer.

Do the developers benefit too? Let us find out

Raw materials prices go down, resulting in lowered construction costs

The project cost for real estate developers will go down as a result of GST, which will actually make homes cheaper. Naturally, along with home owners the property developers also enjoy the perks of GST.

Now developers no more need to break their heads over Central Sales Tax, entry tax, customs duty, excite duty, and so on. GST eliminates all these taxes and makes it a single tax, which will boost home sales and increase liquidity in the real estate market. The input credits further boost the profit margin for developers.

Right from steel, cement, raw materials to work contracts, everything has been standardised. Sure there are some minor tax increments on few items but on the whole they are easily outweighed by the GST benefits.

How is real estate industry coping with the roll out?

The present and future looks simple, stable and economical.

Post roll out of GST, the real estate sector has come to terms with the fact that the Input Tax Credit will change the game for good in very near future. Builders can claim the tax paid at each stage and the benefits can also be passed on to their buyers.

All the state governments have been instructed to roll out necessary approvals as soon as possible in order to bring instant relief to the sector. On the whole, the compounded advantage of the Good and Services Tax may not result in too much of price deviation immediately. What comes instantly is the simplicity of taxes in the Indian real estate.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Apartments in South Bangalore

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Apartments in South Bangalore

As a residential locality, Sarjapur is on the cusp of change. You can also be a part of this beautiful phase by investing in a flat if your work address is around this locality.

south bangalore

Buying a house has an emotional connect to employees working in and around Sarjapur Road. Acquiring the right property is based primarily on finances and desire to have a better living index. It seeks secure living neighborhoods, safety, and accessibility to many other things of interest not just the workplace.

Sarjapur road was a small area in Southeast Bangalore, with low real estate rates a few decades ago. But with the advent of IT companies and assorted traditional business around its vicinity it has flourished and become an established home base, for the working class. Due to this, there has been an increasing demand for fats in Sarjapur Road. It has become the main reason for local developers to buy land parcels to make residential enclaves that cater to many segments of the working class.

Job opportunities to utilities and safety- investment spectrum is huge

Sarjapur brings a wholesome quality for any investor today. Check out this two tier bullet list before we go any further to convince you to buy a flat for sale in Sarjapur Road-Property appreciation and location highlights.

Property appreciation

1). Buyers have multiple options of 2BHKs to 3BHKs and luxury homes. This in itself is a strong driver for many people paying token advance to book the flat of their choice.

2). As and when urban dwelling started conforming to latest international lifestyle, apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road have increased.

3). Builders can no longer delay the possession. For example, if the website of the builder says, the possesion is by April 2019 then the target will be met.

4). Advance bookings allow buyers to arrange for home loans with the right banks. Several prominent projects are linked to lenders.

5). The burden of due diligence falls on the lenders and buyers can be at ease.

Location Highlights

6). If your work is related to IT sector this area is barely 45 minutes drive from big employment firms like Accenture, Capgemini, Cisco, HP, and Wipro. There are job opportunities related to other traditional businesses in malls, entertainment zones and eateries. Even MNCs like Paypal, ARM, KPMG, Nokia have regional offices at a close distance from the residential areas.

7). It makes sense to live close by so you arrive fresh at work. Thus, apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road have the benefit of being a boon to the working crowd. Even if you do not work in the IT sector but in the Malls or have a local business, close proximity to workplace is essential. With more productivity during working hours, mind is at ease.

8) Commuting time has eaten up prodcutive hours of work in many businesses. As traffic rises in the city, everyone is lookig for ways to spend less time on the road and more at work. Imagine the delight of the person, if a pizza delivery boy is able to ring the door bell of a home/office in time. Sarjapur is no longer a quaint village, but an urban legend that is morphing into a well-developed city borough.

9). Roads link important areas like Koramagala, Silk board, and Whitefield, Electronic City, and Outer Ring Road. This makes traveling even during work hours easy. During peak evening traffic hours one can avoid the nightmare of being stuck. Bangalore is now the 3rd most populated city in our country and continues to attract many immigrants to work as job prospects have grown tremendously.

10) Education for kids -Parents can choose from schools like The International School Bangalore (TISB), Chrysalis High, Inventure Academy, Orchid International, Greenwood High, Silver Oaks, Primus Public School, Harvest International School, Gear Innovative International School, Delhi Public School, Head Start Educational Academy. The most popular and in demand schools have established themselves in Sarjapur Road.

On the outskirts but yet accessible
Well connected to transport hubs.

Although Sarjpaur is away from the main town major rail and airport destinations are accessible. It is 15kms away from the Bangalore city railway station and 45kms away from the Bangalore international airport. The Peripheral Ring Road connects the key roads of Bellary Road, Old Madras Road, Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road with Tumkur Road along with connectivity through the NICE Corridor.

Shopping and entertainment conveniences

A slew of entertainment hubs make Sarjapur a much sought after investment destination.

Life for the residents here is convenient because of the various shopping malls like total Mall, Forum Value Mall, Phoenix Market City, Park Square Mall, Inorbit Mall and Lido Mall, movie theater for the Bollywood lovers, gaming parlors, hospitals, grocery stores etc. A well-developed infrastructure is the top reason to invest in a home on Sarjapur Road.